Indian Rosewood + Sitka Spruce .

Love for rA#

rA#11 ‘Holidays’

Can’t wait,
A lot of time to jam and practice new songs..
Should make some too.. :o 

rA#11 ‘Nyl-ON’

Really getting back into the Nylon-strings..

Waiting for my Augustine black standard set to arrive by post.

It’s been over a week since I ordered.

It MUST come tomorrow :/ 

rA#10 ‘Contemplating’

To buy a decent ukulele for $72 (discounted).. 

A uke would be a good set-completer along with my acoustic, electric and about-to-be-stringed old nylon guitar. Bought an A-frame stand, foot rest and a sound hole cover/humidifier the other day…So maybe I should cool down on the impulse buys? :P